Board of Directors

Dr. Subba Rao Pavuluri

Dr. SubbaRao is a distinguished space research specialist and Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Ananth Technologies Ltd (“ATL”), a manufacturer of electronics and embedded systems for the Indian space program and the civil aviation industry. Dr. Rao led ATL’s successful diversification into engineering services and Enterprises Business Applications. Dr. Rao holds a Doctorate in Aerospace Engineering.

Mr Vaibhav Abhyankar

Mr. Abhyankar brings very good connectivity in the “Satcom Industry”, leading FSS operators, Banks and Insurers in the satellite sector. At present he is acting as CEO of AOneSat. He has extensive experience in structured finance, is a specialist in International Technology Collaborations and has a wide professional network in the satellite industry. Over the last 23 years, Mr. Abhyankar has worked on a wide range of projects covering international trade, finance, and high-tech (engineering), renewable energy spread out across Europe and India. Mr. Abhyankar holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering.

Mr Anuj Gupta

Mr. Gupta is a partner in the asset management group of DUET in London and heads two private equity funds valued at over $1 billion. Mr. Gupta looks after Strategy for funding and relationship with Financial Institutions and Consultants for AOneSat. Mr. Gupta has an extensive, long-standing professional network in the telecommunication industry.