AOneSat is driven by ‘Value for Money’ approach which enables us to provide high quality services and Complete Customer Delight .Because of excellent power levels and coverage, AOneSat are in well position to provide following solutions and services:

  • Full-Time Transponder Capacity Leasing
  • Occasional Use Transponder Capacity Leasing
  • AOneSat is in a unique position to offer Customized Satellite Design for specific/anchor customers for optimizing coverage, power and connectivity
  • Design of satellite transponders provides flexibility to offer different types of broadcast and telecommunication services

Broadcast Services

  • Direct to Home (DTH)
  • High Definition (HDTV)
  • Distribution to Terrestrial Broadcasting
  • Cable Distribution
  • Video Contribution
  • Satellite News Gathering (SNG)

Telecommunications Services

  • VSAT Networks
  • Broadband Connectivity
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Mobile Communications
  • MCPC/SCPC and IDR Trunk routes (domestic and international)
  • Rural and remote area connectivity
  • Corporate Communications
  • Cellular and BWA Backhaul
  • Emergency and disaster communications
  • Tele-education and Tele-medicine

Value Added Services

  • Spacecraft Systems & Subsystems Development
  • Transponder Leasing Services
  • Launch Services
  • Mission Support Services
  • Ground System Services
  • Remote Sensing Services
  • Application Engineering services
  • Spacecraft testing facilities
  • Training & Consultancy Services

Government Services