Welcome to AOneSat

AOneSat is Satellite Services company. We have a focus on high speed broadband in remote and recreation areas. Additionally we help the operators in selling the capacity to niche markets such as Brazil, India, etc.

We also provide contract manufacturing service for Micro- and Nanosatellite 1kg-50kg size.

AOneSat’s promoters have worked in the satellite and aero-space industry for over 25 years, primarily in design, manufacture and service of key systems such as telemetry, telecommand, sensors and power units for satellites and launch vehicles. AOneSat is headquartered in Switzerland with Partner Offices in India, Singapore, UK

Vision Statement

To be a high quality and reliable satellite infrastructure and technology developer, builder, provider and operator to meet, in a timely and cost effective way, the ever growing and rapidly changing requirements for information, ommunications, entertainment, educational and societal services of the 21st Century.